End of Summer 2014 Update

I don’t know about you, but the beginning of a new school year has always felt more like a new year than January 1st ever did. Even now that I’ve been out of college and working, the distinct change in culture between summer and fall jolts everything back into focus and gives everything a renewed energy!

Over this summer, because summer where I work is so quiet, I spent a lot of time focusing on some changes in my personal life. I tried to exercise at least twice weekly, doing zumba with Emily McLaughlin (http://stayhealthy-stayhappy.com/), took some time off to enjoy the sunshine and relaxation up in Maine, found an awesome (my first) apartment that I move into on September 6, and had a ton of great opportunities to take pictures!

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Some of these were my first ever paying gigs, a step granted to me by a local newspaper who sent me to different events & occasions about once a week. I can tell even now, just towards the end of my tenure shooting for them (I’m moving too far away), that it’s an experience I’ll happily look back on. I got to shoot a circus, a war re-enactment, a triathlon, a fishing derby, a local production of Romeo & Juliet, a talent show, and a cranberry blossom festival – just to name a few – and see my photos in print. It was a great experience, one that I really got to see my photos and editing progress.

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I also took a break from zumba one class to take pictures of Emily for the various outlets she uses promotes her classes. We had a beautiful backdrop: Post Office Square, smack in the middle of the financial district of downtown Boston. The next day I started my vacation by editing up the photos, which I think came out pretty darn good!

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In the next month, I move into my apartment, start a masters-level course on Social Media, and have my first family session planned with one of my co-workers. Her first grandson turning 1!