Taking full advantage of Fall

I’ve said before that fall always brings about a lot of changes for me, but this fall has heralded a lot of major ones!┬áMoving from my parents house in the suburbs to a city apartment, a new job, and I’m about to turn 25 – the “quarter-life” mark. YIKES! Amongst all this busy bustling, I’ve tried to take full advantage of each moment of the season, making special trips out to pick up apple cider by the gallon, rocking tights and boots when possible, and taking this trip to Sauchuk Farm in Plympton, MA with my aunt, Mum, and cousin Noah. In typically adorable fashion, our trip to the pumpkin patch involved Noah picking a pumpkin about as large as him and Mom and I found ourselves a little lost and exiting through the entrance of the corn maze. Happy Fall!


Farewell to Physics

For about the past two years, I’ve worked as an Office Coordinator for the Physics Department at a university. Strange as it was for me, an English major with instincts steering away from math and science at any and all costs, I’ve had such a great experience here, learned so much, and met some strange and wonderful people you’d only ever meet here. I applied to the job so I could be in Boston, but I never imagined how much more I would gain than just the city experience.

Luckily, I’m staying here at the university, just moving to the Public Affairs office, where I hope to put my keen editorial eye to use!

Since this is my last week here in Physics, it was ever-so appropriate that one of the professors asked me to take pictures of his lab setups for the student manuals. I took the liberty of taking a few creative shots, too, a couple of images to remember my foray into math & science by.