2014: This Year in Photos

2014 has been quite an eventful year. In January I started taking a photography class, then I worked freelance for a newspaper in the Spring, was moving to Quincy by the end of Summer, and started a new job in the Fall. It was exciting, yet wrought with challenges, and now that 2015 is about to begin I’m feeling ready & optimistic about what’s ahead. Because the more you conquer, and the more experience you gain, the more you are capable of taking on what comes next!

Here is my 2014 in photos.


What I’m Reading: More Than Enough

I recently started a new train book – I always like to get a good laugh or piece of inspiration in on my way from Quincy Adams to Park Street – and since I just finished Yes Please! by Amy Poehler, I’d given myself a tough act to follow. So, I decided to completely switch gears and try one that my Mum had given me, in her infinite wisdom, and I had put on my book case, in my infinite procrastination. I plucked More Than Enough by Dave Ramsey off the shelf and snagged a post-it book mark and dug in. This was Monday.

It’s now Thursday and in the train rides between then and now (with breaks where I listened to This American Life & Serial, of course) I have become convinced that this book could forever change how I look at finances, work, relationships – in short, life.

I’d been taught well by frugal hard-working parents how to manage money well, but for me this book has already started to put a lot of things into perspective and has inspired me to take action when it comes to my money. I am interested in investing, real estate, and building wealth honestly – and this book puts no barriers in your way when it comes to exploring those interests. But, he is emphatic on being smart, having vision, maintaining clear values and having true integrity in everything you do. I’m only 65 pages in so far, and am looking forward to what is in chapters ahead.

At this rate, I’m poised to finish well before it’s time to start thinking about New Years Resolutions – and I know where a big chunk of my inspiration for those will be coming from this year! Here is one of the “keys” to the More than Enough Mansion, with a picture of mine for you to enjoy, about change. I’ve never been very good at change, and this key put on the nose why that is.



“Change is very hard and we change only when
the pain of same is greater than the pain of change.”

What is your advice when it comes to fulfilling your dreams?

Today a college student emailed me to ask a series of questions about my life after graduation.

One of which was: What is your advice when it comes to fulfilling your dreams?

Here is what I said, super-imposed over a picture to make it seem very official and wise:

For the Bloggy Blog

What advice would you have given about fulfilling your college dream?

The season of holiday photos

I love winter. People always think it’s odd because it’s more popular around here to complain about snow that hasn’t even fallen yet, daylight savings time making it dark at 4 p.m. (OK, that does kind of suck), and when the temperature dips to the point that more than a sweater is required. When I think of winter, I think of stylish winter coats, cozy scarves, an energetic crisp in the air, Christmas and all the decorations it brings, family get-together, parties, and holiday photo sessions!

I recently did a session with family members who had the idea for their 5-year-old to be up in a tree. It fit his personality perfectly. He LOVES to be outside. He was the best model, and his parents weren’t bad either. 🙂

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