The Pentalum

Yesterday after work I went over to The Lawn on D to check out their current exhibition “Pentalum.” What is “Pentalum,” you ask? The short version is that it’s a plastic sculpture/maze made with deliberately placed colored panels which create different effects as the sunlight passes through them. The result is unique and amazing. Each area you pass through is a different experience and as a photographer it was a fun challenge to walk through, adjusting the exposure to such a vast range of available light and colors. Visitors are encouraged to take their time, sit or lie down in little side pods, and take as many pictures as they want to take it all in.

Diving In



So this guy looks like he’s about to take off, but really he’s just flapping his wings and getting ready to dive under water. A loon at Balch Lake, West Newfield, ME.

Gorgeous weather in Boston has me in summer mode. Can’t wait to spend some time on the lake in August!

A Q&A with the Hanover Mariner

I recently did a Q&A to preview my upcoming mini sessions for the Hanover Mariner and got to write about my hopes for the sessions, why I love photography, and one of my most favorite subjects to shoot. Read my answers below. I’m still booking for Saturday! Contact me at

Photographer and Pembroke native Mary Polleys will host a mini portrait session in Hanover Saturday, May 23 for those looking for a professional portrait for their LinkedIn and other social media accounts. She’s also happy to take family portraits, including pets. 

Polleys shared more about her event with The Mariner.

Date: Saturday, May 23, rain date Saturday, May 30

Time: Starting at 11 a.m.

Place: Luddam’s Ford Park, Water St., Hanover

Cost: $25

Name of Business: Mary Polleys Photography

What can people expect at your event?

They can expect a low pressure, fun, and quick photo session with 5 to 7 digital images resulting for them to use in whichever way they want.

Why should people check it out?

It’s so low cost and everyone needs a great photo of themselves. I’ve had so many folks mention that they’d like to have a photo taken for their LinkedIn and other social media sites, but studio sessions are so costly and time consuming, so this is really perfect for that.

 Why Luddam’s Ford?

It’s very accessible, visible, and it is close to the Pembroke town line – where I grew up. There’s also a versatility of possible back drops: water, woods, open grassy areas and several surfaces like benches to use as props.

 How did you get involved in photography?

It really started when I was a student journalist in both high school and college where I often had to act as both reporter and photographer. I enjoyed it so much from taking the pictures to the editing afterwards that I started seeking out more opportunities, often with friends and family as guinea pigs. I bought books, took a few local classes, sought advice from professional photographers, and learned via trial and error.

 What do you like about photography?

I like that when I’m taking pictures I am able to be so in the moment. My eye is on the shot, my mind is adjusting the exposure and my finger is on the shutter. It’s really multi-tasking at its finest. It also has the potential to be different every time you take out your camera. Different people, for different reasons, in different settings – it’s never boring!

 What is your specialty?

I love taking pictures of people. Landscapes are beautiful and fun to shoot also, but there’s something special about catching the light in someone’s eye that’s challenging and gratifying. I love the idea that my pictures will be preserved and cherished by family members – maybe even for generations.

Fun Fact about yourself:

I take so many pictures of my dog, Benny. He pretty much dominates my Instagram account.

Where can I find more information?

My website and my facebook page.