Getting “ultra creative”

This is an in-camera double exposure of a colleague with fabulous hair and some flowers in a park in Boston.

This is an in-camera double exposure of a colleague with fabulous hair and some flowers in a park in Boston.

Back in September, I got an email invitation to join an “Ultra Creative” class at Firefly 53 Studio in Pembroke. I had been wanting to take a class to really open myself up and continue learning – and there’s really no better way than a collaborative-style class like this one turned out to be.

I’d the kind of photographer that typically likes crisp, clean, pretty, detailed kinds of photos. Usually taking photos of people, I like my subjects eyes to sparkle, their smile to be genuine, and their pose to be both natural and kind of like they could be in a magazine. In short – I’m a perfectionist. This class however, was not about perfectionism – and in that way it was perfect. I played with techniques that were brand new to me (in camera doubles) and took self-portraits (which I never do). The first time you try anything is never going to be perfect, but the experience of doing it and learning from it makes it worthwhile. Not only did I have my first try at something, each week I got to see my classmates’ first stab and I think we really all learned a lot from one another.

Each week, the question was: What did you do differently? At a time in my life when a lot of things were changing – reaching out into new photographic techniques and exploring a little imperfection ended up being the ideal creative outlet for a time when your future is in flux.


Engagement – Caitlin & Steve

This session was SO much fun. I have a few stories to share about this couple and the day, but I’ll start with the romantic one.

We started off our session (a chilly but beautiful day in early November) at a special location in Pembroke, MA. When Caitlin and Steve met, neither was living in Pembroke, but discovered through casual conversation that they both had lived there growing up.

“Oh really, whereabouts?” I imagine Caitlin asking.

And it was then that they discovered that their families had lived in the same house in Pembroke at different times. ::cuethegoosebumps::

But wait! There’s more. Each with multiple siblings, Caitlin and Steve had both called the same bedroom their own! And now they’re engaged. That story gets me. Every. Time.

So we started with a few shots of these two in front of that house, where they both lived, at different times, without knowing that their new favorite person would be a part of that house, too.

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After our stop in Pembroke, we headed to World’s End in Hingham, where lots of people were also taking in the beauty of the day.

As I was taking photos of Caitlin’s gorgeous engagement ring on the stem of a little pumpkin, a mom with a baby carriage and a little girl walked by.

“Why is she taking pictures of that pumpkin?” the little girl asked.
“I think she just asked that pumpkin to marry her,” the mom replied, smiling at me.

It was the best reply, ever.

flower posies4

Burlington, MA Wedding – Jen & Scott

I was one of the lucky people who got to witness Jen & Scott get married in Mary Cummings Park in Burlington, MA on a crisp fall day in October. The day was relaxed, fun, heartfelt, intimate, and full of love, and I was honored to be asked to photograph it! We all literally met in the park, and Jen had arranged for a JP to follow as we walked through trails in the woods to the spot where they would exchange vows. Before we got to the spot that Jen and her son Jack had found on previous adventures, we came to a clearing with beautiful grass and surrounded by trees that just felt right, so we all stopped and the ceremony commenced.

It was so special to watch as Jen & Scott exchanged vows, because it was clear that nothing else mattered. It definitely didn’t have to be perfect – Jen even ended up with burrs on the bottom of her dress, but she didn’t care –  they were going to be happy no matter what. I admire that kind of love!

And of course, a true mom, as soon as the ceremony was over, Jen was pulling up Jack’s pants and securing them so his minion underpants wouldn’t be showing. 🙂

Sneak Peek: Jennifer & Scott’s Wedding at Mary Cummings Park

Don’t you just love fall foliage and happy couples? Oh wait, maybe that’s just me. 🙂 While I’m busy editing the rest of Jennifer & Scott’s photos and yesterday’s World’s End engagement session, I thought I’d share a just a few photos in a sneak peek! Two weeks ago, on a beautiful fall afternoon, I joined Jennifer & Scott and their closest family at Mary Cummings Park in Burlington, MA for their simple, intimate, and relaxed ceremony.