Lauren – Rexhame Beach, Marshfield MA

I love senior sessions! Last week I had the chance to shoot Lauren’s portraits and it was so much fun. She is so sweet, chill, and obviously beautiful – the perfect subject!

With my sessions I like to take the traditional portraits like you’d see in the yearbook, but also some lifestyle shots and candids. The session is about the yearbook photo, but it’s also creating an album that represents Lauren and that she and her family can look back on and remember this phase of her life. It also creates a gallery of photos that can be used for a lot of different things after Lauren goes to college and the yearbook hits the shelf. 

Lauren brought two ladies with her to the session, which I totally encourage, but they should be prepared to jump in at least a few shots. Jump in…. see what I did there?


Emilia, Age 8 – Short Stop

“Anything a boy can do, a girl can do better.” 

I am SO excited to introduce the second participant of my series: Emilia! She was an incredible subject and so much fun to shoot with. So here’s a little bit about my time with little miss Emilia – petite but formidable, she doesn’t let anything stop her.

Right off the bat (#pun #cantstopwontstop) Emilia killed it. She jumped into the first half of our session with that adorable smile and her own ideas for poses. She told me her mom was a big reason she is so active. She played sports growing up, too, so that’s where Emilia gets it from. She also coaches her softball team, not to mention making sure she gets to all her other practices and games. Emilia is a swimmer and soccer player, and “she’s always trying to add to the list,” her mom Jessica said.

When we were just about done with our “clean uniform” shots, Emilia couldn’t wait to get those stark white pants dirty and put on some eye black. She lit up when it was time to get into the action shots. 

Emilia is not the kind of girl who is going to be intimidated on the field. And as far as her potential, she’s limitless. She plans to play her whole life and try as many new sports as she can, with field hockey and ice hockey high up on the list. She might be 8, but I wouldn’t bet against this girl. Behind that smile is someone who can do anything.

After our session was over, I asked Emilia what was different about being a girl in sports than being a boy in sports.

“Just that anything a boy can do, a girl can do better.”

I couldn’t have scripted a better response than that.

Emilia is featured on my website and Facebook page under “We’re Not Here Just to Have Fun” and you can see more of her comments there!

Next up, look for my session with a tennis player named Sarah! Interested in being a part of the series? Contact me today.

Class of 2017!

I love meeting and photographing rising Seniors! There’s something really cool (are the kids still saying that?) about these sessions – where it’s really the last photo session before they go off to college or enter the workforce and become an entirely new version of themselves! And I learn some new, hip vocab, too. 🙂

Bring on the Class of 2017! Senior photo season is in full swing – so contact me to book your session soon!


Session Details

$100 includes:

  • A totally psyched photographer ready to capture who YOU are!

  • Bring props! Sports equipment, musical instruments, hobbies, etc. We’ll work them into the session to really bring out your personality and interests!
  • 1 location (rural or urban)

  • 1 outfit change

  • 1 hour session

  • All photos delivered via digital album within 2 weeks of the session

  • A minimum of 20, high quality, digitally retouched photos delivered

  • Print release provided so the images may be shared or reproduced at the will of the senior and their family

  • 3 photos (of your choosing) edited to your high school’s specific yearbook instructions


Here are a few snaps from my latest session with Jake, a rising senior at Whitman-Hanson High School!

Caitlin, Age 28 – Catcher, Coach

“Why should girls have to be ‘one of the boys’ just to be taken seriously?”

When I was thinking about ladies to launch my new series “We’re Not Here Just To Have Fun,” there was no better choice than this girl. Beyond being my best friend, she’s always been a serious athlete and fierce competitor. Now she coaches volleyball and softball to the next generation of kick-butt ladies, and I know from experience that she’s a hell of a woman to look up to. 

Caitlin is both one of the most intense people I know, and the goofiest. This photo is one of my favorites of her.

Things get simpler when you’re playing the game. You can put all of yourself into what you’re doing in that moment, and at the end leave it all there when it’s over. Caitlin was always the player that left it all on the field.

Writing being one of her many talents, I knew she’d have some great things to say about what it’s like to be a girl in sports. She’s seen it from the athlete’s perspective and she sees it in her players. 

I asked Cait what being an athlete meant to her.

“Being a female athlete has always given me a sense of pride and confidence that I don’t think I would have possessed otherwise. Playing sports was my purpose growing up and it formed a huge part of my identity.”

On how she thinks being a girl in sports has changed since she was growing up:

“One word: Pink. When I was playing sports in high school, we would scoff at any girl who dared show up with a pink glove or pink cleats. Pink represented femininity – and femininity and sports did not mix. We were tough, not girly. Then, one day while I was working at Sports Authority, a father came in asking if we had any pink football cleats for his 11-year- old daughter, the only girl on the team. I was a bit surprised by this, figuring she would want to blend in and be ‘one of the boys.’ When I asked him, he said ‘She wants to wear pink cleats so that when she makes a tackle, the boys know they got tackled by a girl.’ It finally dawned on me: Why can’t girls embrace their femininity and athleticism simultaneously?

Why should girls have to be ‘one of the boys’ just to be taken seriously?”

Cait has always been an athlete, and she always will be, regardless of how much she plays the game. The determination and inner fighter means she’ll tackle anything that comes her way the same way she snipes a runner stealing second, or throws her body to the floor to pop up a ball on serve-receive: with everything she’s got.

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