Katie & Phil – Borderland State Park Engagement Session

Last Sunday I got to go back to Borderland State Park in Easton for this engagement with Katie & Phil and it was AWESOME! Not only did I take more pictures of a fun couple in front of those gorgeous wooden doors, Katie & Phil were so fun and easy going (as I’m sure you can tell). Katie would start laughing, which would make Phil start laughing and then I’d be cracking up behind my camera.

These two teachers tie the knot July 1 at Saphire Estates. That’s right, I get to shoot with them again in less than a year – score! Thanks you two for a great session! Katie said at the end “I really wasn’t looking forward to this, but it ended up being fun!” Best compliment. Normal people aren’t used to being in front of the camera, posing and being affectionate and that I helped make them comfortable and the session was enjoyable means I did my job. That’s what the engagement session is all about!

Enough blathering – on to the photos!


Kimberly & Dan – Cape Cod Engagement Session

You’re going to want to scroll all the way to the end of this one, maybe even with Hungry Eyes on in the background…

I met Kimberly & Dan on a foggy day on the Cape Cod Canal for their engagement session, but we actually go way back. Kimberly was my roommate our freshman year of college (we both ended up transferring to different schools) and our friendship has seen many phases from eating mozzarella sticks and watching Secret Life of the American Teenager in our dorm room on Monday nights, to sharing stories from across the state, and now I’M HER WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER! I am so excited and honored to be such a big part of her & Dan’s wedding.

Kimberly and Dan met through a mutual friend from college who thought they’d be perfect for each other (nice job Liz!), and together they are such a good match. Kind-hearted and supportive, fun and affectionate – they made my job easy, and then fed me lobster. What could be better? #photographerwin

I already really liked Dan, and then he suggested they crawl toward each other in the sand like in Dirty Dancing (!) and Kim agreed (!!) and then they created one of my favorite photography moments to date.

Now for the photos!

P.S. I hear it’s good luck if someone catches a fish during your session!