Vintage Inspired

A few weeks back I partnered up with Leah Astore of LPA Studio on a tennis-inspired fashion shoot. Molly Bello had approached her for a collaboration and it was really kind of funny the way it worked, because we all went to Bridgewater State and worked on the student newspaper together. Molly was a freshman when I was a senior and it was pretty cool to catch up and work together on something again! I hope the three of us can team up again soon. 

So without further delay, more from my first ever fashion shoot, featuring Leah Astore, Olivia Rodbell and Molly Bello – who styled the shoot with touches of modern mixed with her very own grandmother’s vintage clothes.

It was such a blast to shoot with these ladies and try something new! Thank you guys for asking me to be a part of it and sharing your talent with me.