Lorie & Michael – East Bridgewater Elopement

Michael and Lorie’s wedding was my last of 2017, and it was such a great note to end the year on! Their intimate ceremony featured only them and their closest family members on the green in East Bridgewater, and on December 30 it happened to be 18 degrees… but with the perfect light snowfall. We might have all liked it a little bit warmer, but it was SO pretty I’m going to go ahead and say it was worth it!

Michael and Lorie are such a fun couple to photograph, and with their classic style I could have taken tons more portraits with them. BUT 18 degrees is no joke, so we took as many as we could in a 30-minute window and then got in our cars to warm up before the ceremony! And man, did we kill it in those 30 minutes… I can wait to show more of these two!

Congrats Michael & Lorie! It was a pleasure to be your wedding photographer. 


Kasey & Cory – East Bridgewater, MA Wedding

I am so excited to post about Kasey & Cory’s big day! The Cloutiers tied the knot on August 26, 2017 at The Villa at Ridder Country Club in East Bridgewater, MA – and it was a perfect day! From the clear and warm weather, to Kasey’s stunning gown, Cory’s portrait prowess, and their sweet families, it couldn’t have been a lovelier day. 

Kasey and Cory’s day was classic and elegant, with burgundy bridesmaids, with gold accents throughout, and Kasey had a moment before the ceremony with her Dad, putting a spin I absolutely love on the “First Look.”

They were quite a few surprises during the day. Cory wrote a special message on the bottom of Kasey’s wedding shoes, and Kasey had a special inscription put on the inside of Cory’s new watch. Cory surprised Kasey with a special additional wedding band, and they both surprised their guests with a killer first dance! So many sweet and fun moments during this day.

So, on to the photos! Congrats Kasey & Cory! Thank you so much for choosing me to be your wedding photographer.

Thanks to Matt from Last Row Sports for this one…

These two, the bridge at The Villa, and sunset = a portrait photographer’s dream.

Mark & Cecilia – Medford, MA Wedding

One thing that I’ve learned shooting weddings is that during the most important moments of the day, it’s never about the details. All the planning seems to fade away while you get to witness the looks, hear the words, and feel the love fill the room. I love that so much. It fills me up and makes a believer out of me every time.

Which brings me to Mark & Cecilia. A small, but warm community room. 10 of their closest family members. 2 dogs. FaceTime with Cecilia’s Dad. A pool table, draped in a tablecloth and covered in appetizers and champagne. An iPhone and speaker, scrolling through to find a good song for their first dance as husband and wife. Full of magic and happiness and love, created by Mark & Cecilia and the way they look at each other, their little touches, and their smiles. 

Here are some of my favorite photos from this most intimate ceremony and celebration. Congratulations Mark & Cecilia!

Meghan & Matt – Middleboro, MA Wedding

I am SO excited to be sharing Meghan & Matt’s wedding day! It truly was an incredible day that even had me shedding tears. This intimate backyard ceremony & reception was absolutely full of love and the personal and unique touches from the centerpieces, to the reading of “The Giving Tree” during the ceremony, and the tree-planting ceremony with soil from their childhood homes were only part of what make Meghan and Matt so special. I swear I’ve never seen a man look at a woman like Matt looks at Meghan.

Everything about this day was the definition of heartfelt. Close friends, yard games, pups in tuxedos giving kisses. Meghan & Matt and everyone I met that day lead with love and had such genuine hearts. It was incredibly special thing to be a part of, and I’m so honored that I got to be the person to document it!

When I complimented Matt on his duds, he gave Meghan every bit of credit, as did everyone else that day. Meghan: you did such a beautiful job on your Autumn-to-the-nines wedding day. The details had so much personality and uniqueness. You just don’t find that everywhere.

Enough of my blathering Let’s see the photos.

Katie & Justin – New Bedford, MA Wedding

I have the amazing organization Brides Across America to thank for helping me find Katie & Justin and for the privilege of shooting their (second) wedding day.

What do I mean by second? Let me tell you a romantic story.

8 years ago, two 20-year-olds were in love. Separated by distance, Justin longed to propose to Katie. He, in fact, couldn’t wait to see her in person. Instead, from his US Air Force base, he got down on one knee and sent her a photo. Ring poised high, he asked her to be his wife… via email. The modern Juliet to his Romeo (but with a happy ending), she said yes and they married young, happy, and simply in a courthouse ceremony in Texas.

Both members of the Air Force, they served their country for 8 years. Once again separated by distance, Justin stationed in Korea, Katie leaned on the support of her best friend since Kindergarten, Ashley, for love and support.

Katie and Justin wanted to celebrate their marriage with friends and family, so what was eight years? Justin was coming home for just over a week before they both moved on to a new life, and new station, in Hawaii, so the timing was perfect. 

Evident soulmates, they’re reunion was heartfelt and their emotions pure.

This time around, their special day was shared with their hometown, New Bedford, MA, Katie’s Maid of Honor Ashley and Justin’s Best Man Nate.

The ceremony featured twin flames, an intimate crowd, and enough love to fill a stadium at Seamen’s Bethel Chapel in downtown New Bedford.

Mr. & Mrs. Miranda (again), they set to celebrating with the assembly of friends and family.

And while their courthouse ceremony was the height of romantic spontaneity, August 25, 2016 still offered Katie and Justin a few firsts.

With their move to Hawaii just days away, Katie & Justin soaked in all they could of the day with all their closest friends and family.

Their friends and family partied almost as hard as they did. Celebrating Justin’s homecoming, their renewed marriage, and big move is a lot to undertake in one night, but they made it look easy.

Best wishes to Katie & Justin in their new adventure together! Thank you for having a second wedding day for us all to share in. It’s a beautiful life.


PHOTO BOOTH: 77 VW Bus Photobooth