Happy Fall!

I hate being that person that jumps into the next season when the last one isn’t over yet – but it’s post-labor day so I feel like I can start to talk about how excited for this Fall I am!

Even though it’s 90 degrees today, I’ve already had this season’s first Pumpkin Spiced Latte (can’t you feel my coffee buzz from there?) and I have some definite plans for Fall this year. I’ve been working on a list, because that’s what I do, and I figured I’d share it here now and post pictures as I make my way through it all the way into November.

Part of my real focus on enjoying each season to its fullest this year is that right now I am pretty settled in where I am and what I’m doing. Last year at this time I was moving to Quincy, starting a new job, and jumping some personal hurdles that kept me busy and I didn’t get around to doing some of the things I love the most. When it was March and I looked back I was so disappointed that I hadn’t gotten around to apple picking or eating cider donuts! I didn’t pay attention to the leaves changing colors and I didn’t make it down to my favorite cranberry bog around harvest time. So this year I decided I would make a list of all the things, big and small, that I love to do as the air turns crisp in the Fall, to make sure I kept my focus on being here now and not getting caught up in the rush to the holidays.

I am also very excited because one of my very best friends recently got engaged and we’ll be doing her engagement session this fall – which is really such a special bonus to my favorite season! 🙂

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  • Apple picking
  • Leaf-peeping drive/road trip
  • Dress up for Halloween
  • Watch Hocus Pocus
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Drink apple cider
  • Eat cider doughnuts
  • Watch the cranberry harvest
  • Make soup
  • Celebrate my birthday
  • Make fall sangria
  • Make a pie
  • PSL (check!)
  • Shipyard pumpkinhead
  • Pumpkin muffin
  • Cheer at the TV during a Patriots game
  • Take a family portrait
  • Go to one of my cousin Noah’s soccer/flag football games
  • Go to the Pembroke vs. Silver Lake Thanksgiving Day football game
  • Wear boots with tights & scarves
  • Go for a walk in the woods
  • Go for a walk around Boston/Cambridge
  • Have a cinnamon latte at Bourbon Coffee
  • Run a 5K
  • Visit Reed Hollow Farm
  • Sit by a campfire (fire pit)
  • Go to the wine festival/grape crush at Boston Winery
  • Give mini-pumpkins to friends & co-workers
  • Paint my nails dark
  • Watch all the season premieres

Political Happy Hour – Senator Elizabeth Warren

Web-1379There are definitely perks to working where I do – one of them being involved in this event last night with Senator Elizabeth Warren. She spoke about the insanity of the student loan system, the Affordable Care Act and its positive role in Massachusetts healthcare, and her love of relaxing with a light beer. It was a great event, with a packed room at Suffolk Law and some great lines of questioning from the Globe’s Joshua Miller. Topics ranged from whether she would endorse a democrat for president (to which she replied, “duh”), to her worst day of service – the day the Senate failed to pass gun legislation. Read the Globe story for more of what she said.

Next week’s Political Happy Hour features Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. Until then, more of my photos from last night’s event.




Paddle Your Own Canoe

Last week I got to spend a few precious days up in Maine – Balch Lake (Pond), Shady Nook, West Newfield. It was so refreshing to be out of the city, listening to loons & the gentle waves, feeling a fresh breeze on my face. We kayaked, read on the dock (me), did some fishing (BF), jumped from the monkey swing, sat by the fire pit and enjoyed a few mid-afternoon cocktails. It felt SO good to be outside so much & I definitely did not want to come home to my stuffy Quincy apartment. I’m trying to head up again for a weekend this Fall!

Now that I have a back up camera, I was more comfortable taking one out on the water with me this year – so some of these are from my kayak or from a canoe while someone else paddled. 🙂

At one point I got soo lucky, because a loon literally popped up right in front of my kayak. It was awesome.

Zumba in Post Office Square

Now this is a lady who loves what she does. Her passion shines through in every candid I took that evening and as a regular in her Zumba classes, she brings it every single time. I loved this shoot and the challenge of action shots. Thanks, Emily!

Want to catch one of Emily’s classes?
They are FREE in Post Office Square through September.
T/TH 5:30-6:30PM

Colin – Age 2!


Little mister Colin & his family were one of my first clients for his first birthday last summer and I was so excited to be able to capture the start of his second year.

We had such a fun, relaxed shoot! I brought a few toys & some bubbles, and we played with those for a bit, but Colin was far more interested in a bike leaning up against the shed in his grandma’s back yard. So his dad pulled the bike out & mom held him on the seat and the smile that spread across Colin’s face was UNBEATABLE. I love this so so much, when families are casual and kids can be themselves, and just having fun is the focus of the shoot. Every smile is just the joy of the day. Thanks to Esther, Rachel, Ari & Colin for another great shoot!

Borderland State Park

Last Friday I had a family shoot in Sharon, MA and since I have explored nearby parks lately, I looked up the nearest one for me to check out afterwards – and it was Borderland!

It’s a beautiful park, clearly well-maintained, with marked pathways & plenty of open space to wander. I took the “swamp path” down to the lake where there was a ton of overhead tree covering – no sunburns for me!

It would be a great place for portraits or an engagement session. Landscaped archways, small decks overlooking the lake, the architecture of the Ames Mansion, and areas of nice filtered natural light.

It was a great way to start the 4th of July weekend. I’m already planning a trip back for a round of disc golf. 🙂

Some photos from my walk. I was a little pre-occupied with the vegetation and capturing some close-up details.

Family Session @ Plymouth Beach

On a gorgeous night in June, I headed down to Plymouth Beach to photograph this lovely group of people! This was my first beach session and I have to say I was lucky to have a laid back family who was very patient while I wrangled with direct sunlight and shadows in the early evening to try and get the best shots. It ended up being a great shoot & I had a blast capturing happy shots of the three boys, who were so great about being photographed, and their beautiful families.

I love how striking the black & white photos from this shoot came out!

Middlesex Fells Reservation

Medford, MA – This was a fun one! This is a regular stop for my sister and her two pups, but was totally new to me. We visited for a walk/hike on a very over-cast Saturday, spending more than 2 hours wandering the grounds. I’ve been really savoring any time spent outside lately, and this walk in particular felt almost therapeutic!

The Fells features heavily wooded areas, as wells as open fields and water (not for swimming, it’s a water supply). After walking all around, we stopped and sat by the water and watched some baby ducks. A great way to spend a Saturday!

Stodder’s Neck

My sister’s pups are swimmers. Especially Layton, the irish wolfhound mix, loves the water and will swim toward a tennis ball any day of the week. So one Sunday afternoon I joined them at Stodder’s Neck dog park in Hingham. It’s a beautiful park & I love playing with the pups! My sister took some photos of me for my website and caught a couple shots of me during silly laughs post-inappropriate jokes.

Larz Anderson Park

Web-0464This spring and summer I’ve been making the park rounds, checking out as many in the area I’ve never been to! Which is pretty much every park in the area. How did I go so long without exploring these? The same day as checking out Larz Anderson, I hit a couple of other Brookline/Newton spots I’ve been wanting to try: New England Mobile Book Fair & Cutty’s.

Web-0460Next up Stoddar’s Neck Dog Park & Middlesex Fells Reservation!