Charleigh & Sophia

Oh my heart. I had the privilege of shooting with Charleigh and her beautiful little nugget Sophia this week and it was good for my soul. Sophia just turned 1 and her grandma gave her two girls a session with me as a gift. Thank you so much for sharing your family with me and letting me be part of your “Little Corner of the World” for a little while. 

We started our session off by taking in some of the details of their life right now. Sophia in her high chair, their apartment, her crib, their protective but sweet pup Tobey, Charleigh feeding Sophia her veggies and getting her dressed (in the cutest outfit, ever). This is the first session like this I’ve done, and I’m calling it “My Little Corner of the World.” Any avid Gilmore Girls fans out there will know where it comes from, and these two were the perfect first session. I can’t wait to do more.

Once we were done at the apartment, we headed to a local park, with Sophia dressed like a little woodland fairy. Her first birthday party was fairy-themed! I’ll let you take in the adorable for yourself:

I loved shooting this mother-daughter duo. Happy first birthday, Sophia!


Colin – Age 2!


Little mister Colin & his family were one of my first clients for his first birthday last summer and I was so excited to be able to capture the start of his second year.

We had such a fun, relaxed shoot! I brought a few toys & some bubbles, and we played with those for a bit, but Colin was far more interested in a bike leaning up against the shed in his grandma’s back yard. So his dad pulled the bike out & mom held him on the seat and the smile that spread across Colin’s face was UNBEATABLE. I love this so so much, when families are casual and kids can be themselves, and just having fun is the focus of the shoot. Every smile is just the joy of the day. Thanks to Esther, Rachel, Ari & Colin for another great shoot!

Family Session @ Plymouth Beach

On a gorgeous night in June, I headed down to Plymouth Beach to photograph this lovely group of people! This was my first beach session and I have to say I was lucky to have a laid back family who was very patient while I wrangled with direct sunlight and shadows in the early evening to try and get the best shots. It ended up being a great shoot & I had a blast capturing happy shots of the three boys, who were so great about being photographed, and their beautiful families.

I love how striking the black & white photos from this shoot came out!

The season of holiday photos

I love winter. People always think it’s odd because it’s more popular around here to complain about snow that hasn’t even fallen yet, daylight savings time making it dark at 4 p.m. (OK, that does kind of suck), and when the temperature dips to the point that more than a sweater is required. When I think of winter, I think of stylish winter coats, cozy scarves, an energetic crisp in the air, Christmas and all the decorations it brings, family get-together, parties, and holiday photo sessions!

I recently did a session with family members who had the idea for their 5-year-old to be up in a tree. It fit his personality perfectly. He LOVES to be outside. He was the best model, and his parents weren’t bad either. 🙂

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Taking full advantage of Fall

I’ve said before that fall always brings about a lot of changes for me, but this fall has heralded a lot of major ones! Moving from my parents house in the suburbs to a city apartment, a new job, and I’m about to turn 25 – the “quarter-life” mark. YIKES! Amongst all this busy bustling, I’ve tried to take full advantage of each moment of the season, making special trips out to pick up apple cider by the gallon, rocking tights and boots when possible, and taking this trip to Sauchuk Farm in Plympton, MA with my aunt, Mum, and cousin Noah. In typically adorable fashion, our trip to the pumpkin patch involved Noah picking a pumpkin about as large as him and Mom and I found ourselves a little lost and exiting through the entrance of the corn maze. Happy Fall!

Toddler Shoot – Colin turns 1!

On Sunday I took a picturesque drive to Sharon, MA for a toddler & family shoot. Mr. Colin is turning the big single digit soon, so a coworker of mine asked if I could come take some photos of her grandson and his parents during their visit from New York. I was more than happy to do it!

While I’ve been taking photos of my cousin Noah for his entire life (5 years), this was my first formal toddler shoot, and so there were a few lessons learned:

1. Balloons pop & baskets tip over. Have a back up plan. (Bubbles! Why didn’t I think of that?)

2. Re: baskets tipping over – rig the basket from behind so that it doesn’t tip if the child leans.

3. At least try not to laugh when the basket tips over. (I am such a terrible person)

4. Put something cute on the camera lens or body, there’s definitely something about a person there putting a camera up to their face constantly that is off-putting to little ones. I can’t blame them!

Despite some foibles on my part, we had a great shoot in the homey comfort of grandma’s backyard.

What a cute little guy & beautiful family!


Puppies & Sparkles: My First Engagement Shoot

Back in March, I did my very first engagement shoot with some pretty awesome subjects: My sister Erica, her fiancé Jon, and their two pups Layton & Clara. They now live in Houston, TX so not only did we have gorgeously warm weather, we got to explore some cool areas as backdrops for the shoot! A cool mural, a genuine article Bayou, a fun park with fountains. We had some trouble getting the pups to focus at first, but then we started using pieces of left over pizza crust as an attention getter, which worked surprisingly well!

Because I was down there for 4 days or so, we took advantage of the time and did a few different outfits and a few different locations. We also went to the Rodeo (!), ate some pretty freakin’ fantastic authentic barbecue & mexican food…oh, and we saw the premiere of the Veronica Mars Movie!

The best part of it, though, was when I got home from our little mini vaca, I had SO many fun photos to edit.

A little background, my sister Erica plans to wear the sparkly Kate Spade shoes photographed at her wedding. She had them before she had even picked out her dress. 🙂

End of Summer 2014 Update

I don’t know about you, but the beginning of a new school year has always felt more like a new year than January 1st ever did. Even now that I’ve been out of college and working, the distinct change in culture between summer and fall jolts everything back into focus and gives everything a renewed energy!

Over this summer, because summer where I work is so quiet, I spent a lot of time focusing on some changes in my personal life. I tried to exercise at least twice weekly, doing zumba with Emily McLaughlin (, took some time off to enjoy the sunshine and relaxation up in Maine, found an awesome (my first) apartment that I move into on September 6, and had a ton of great opportunities to take pictures!

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Some of these were my first ever paying gigs, a step granted to me by a local newspaper who sent me to different events & occasions about once a week. I can tell even now, just towards the end of my tenure shooting for them (I’m moving too far away), that it’s an experience I’ll happily look back on. I got to shoot a circus, a war re-enactment, a triathlon, a fishing derby, a local production of Romeo & Juliet, a talent show, and a cranberry blossom festival – just to name a few – and see my photos in print. It was a great experience, one that I really got to see my photos and editing progress.

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I also took a break from zumba one class to take pictures of Emily for the various outlets she uses promotes her classes. We had a beautiful backdrop: Post Office Square, smack in the middle of the financial district of downtown Boston. The next day I started my vacation by editing up the photos, which I think came out pretty darn good!

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In the next month, I move into my apartment, start a masters-level course on Social Media, and have my first family session planned with one of my co-workers. Her first grandson turning 1!