Mark & Cecilia – Medford, MA Wedding

One thing that I’ve learned shooting weddings is that during the most important moments of the day, it’s never about the details. All the planning seems to fade away while you get to witness the looks, hear the words, and feel the love fill the room. I love that so much. It fills me up and makes a believer out of me every time.

Which brings me to Mark & Cecilia. A small, but warm community room. 10 of their closest family members. 2 dogs. FaceTime with Cecilia’s Dad. A pool table, draped in a tablecloth and covered in appetizers and champagne. An iPhone and speaker, scrolling through to find a good song for their first dance as husband and wife. Full of magic and happiness and love, created by Mark & Cecilia and the way they look at each other, their little touches, and their smiles. 

Here are some of my favorite photos from this most intimate ceremony and celebration. Congratulations Mark & Cecilia!


Molly – Berrybrook Fields, Duxbury, MA

My favorite season of the year is here, friends, and I got to usher out summer in the best way: Senior Portraits with this sweetheart of a young woman. Molly is a natural in front of the camera, and so much fun to work with. She’s got that casual hands-in-the-pockets pose DOWN, which is not as easy as it looks.

Molly is active in the drama program at Pembroke High and when she told me that I was so impressed. It’s one of the scariest things, getting up and performing in front of your classmates, but she loves it! I also thought to myself: goodie – this girl can giggle on command with the best of them.

I can’t get enough! I’m sad senior portrait season is winding down, because I’ve gotten to work with such fun young and inspiring men and women. When I get to hear them talk about what they love to do, it reminds me how simple passion can be. Keep following it, kids. I’m right there next to you.

Thank you, Molly, for letting me take these special photographs of you! I hope you have an amazing senior year.

Katie & Justin – New Bedford, MA Wedding

I have the amazing organization Brides Across America to thank for helping me find Katie & Justin and for the privilege of shooting their (second) wedding day.

What do I mean by second? Let me tell you a romantic story.

8 years ago, two 20-year-olds were in love. Separated by distance, Justin longed to propose to Katie. He, in fact, couldn’t wait to see her in person. Instead, from his US Air Force base, he got down on one knee and sent her a photo. Ring poised high, he asked her to be his wife… via email. The modern Juliet to his Romeo (but with a happy ending), she said yes and they married young, happy, and simply in a courthouse ceremony in Texas.

Both members of the Air Force, they served their country for 8 years. Once again separated by distance, Justin stationed in Korea, Katie leaned on the support of her best friend since Kindergarten, Ashley, for love and support.

Katie and Justin wanted to celebrate their marriage with friends and family, so what was eight years? Justin was coming home for just over a week before they both moved on to a new life, and new station, in Hawaii, so the timing was perfect. 

Evident soulmates, they’re reunion was heartfelt and their emotions pure.

This time around, their special day was shared with their hometown, New Bedford, MA, Katie’s Maid of Honor Ashley and Justin’s Best Man Nate.

The ceremony featured twin flames, an intimate crowd, and enough love to fill a stadium at Seamen’s Bethel Chapel in downtown New Bedford.

Mr. & Mrs. Miranda (again), they set to celebrating with the assembly of friends and family.

And while their courthouse ceremony was the height of romantic spontaneity, August 25, 2016 still offered Katie and Justin a few firsts.

With their move to Hawaii just days away, Katie & Justin soaked in all they could of the day with all their closest friends and family.

Their friends and family partied almost as hard as they did. Celebrating Justin’s homecoming, their renewed marriage, and big move is a lot to undertake in one night, but they made it look easy.

Best wishes to Katie & Justin in their new adventure together! Thank you for having a second wedding day for us all to share in. It’s a beautiful life.


PHOTO BOOTH: 77 VW Bus Photobooth

John & Nancie’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

My LDW has been all about catching up on last week’s surge of sessions, capped off by John & Nancie’s 50th Wedding Anniversary party! How cool it is to shoot weddings and the first time a couple is called Mr. & Mrs. – it’s a whole different kind of cool to be in a room full of family and friends from a 50-year journey together. John & Nancie: I know you know how good you have it. Congratulations on 50 years of marriage and the wonderful legacy you’ve created!

The dance floor was hopping with games (including a competitive game of musical chairs), hula hoops, and of course a little Whip and Nae Nae. 

John knew that Nancie was the girl for him when he was 13 years old. 13! I believe it’s miraculous to find your person at any age, really, but that they found each other at 13? Amazing.

And just look at the family.

Thank you so much to the Knox family for having me as a part of their celebrations!

Liam & Madison – Duxbury Beach

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot two seniors at once, cousins Liam & Madison! Liam will graduate from Dxubury High, Madison a rising senior at Plymouth South and we had a great time together. There were SO many photographers and seniors at Duxbury Beach with us that evening and with this scenery, you can’t blame us for all having the same idea.

We decided to make Liam go first, because well, guys are notoriously less interested in having their photo taken and have a much lower threshold for posing and smiling. It’s OK guys! We just get into those money shots right off the bat. Liam was a great sport, though, and just laughed at me when I asked him to walk back and forth and look off into the distance for those GQ shots. Guess what? I LOVE being laughed at in these sessions. Those real smiles make my day. We made Liam jump back in front of the camera as the sun was setting deep into Madison’s session and those are some of my favorites of him.

Then I had the beautiful Madison in front of my lens! This girl is a natural. Poised and graceful, she was a dream to photograph.

Major #hairenvy over here. Thank you both so much for a great evening of picture-taking at the beach! Best of luck in your senior year and beyond.

Charleigh & Sophia

Oh my heart. I had the privilege of shooting with Charleigh and her beautiful little nugget Sophia this week and it was good for my soul. Sophia just turned 1 and her grandma gave her two girls a session with me as a gift. Thank you so much for sharing your family with me and letting me be part of your “Little Corner of the World” for a little while. 

We started our session off by taking in some of the details of their life right now. Sophia in her high chair, their apartment, her crib, their protective but sweet pup Tobey, Charleigh feeding Sophia her veggies and getting her dressed (in the cutest outfit, ever). This is the first session like this I’ve done, and I’m calling it “My Little Corner of the World.” Any avid Gilmore Girls fans out there will know where it comes from, and these two were the perfect first session. I can’t wait to do more.

Once we were done at the apartment, we headed to a local park, with Sophia dressed like a little woodland fairy. Her first birthday party was fairy-themed! I’ll let you take in the adorable for yourself:

I loved shooting this mother-daughter duo. Happy first birthday, Sophia!

Vintage Inspired

A few weeks back I partnered up with Leah Astore of LPA Studio on a tennis-inspired fashion shoot. Molly Bello had approached her for a collaboration and it was really kind of funny the way it worked, because we all went to Bridgewater State and worked on the student newspaper together. Molly was a freshman when I was a senior and it was pretty cool to catch up and work together on something again! I hope the three of us can team up again soon. 

So without further delay, more from my first ever fashion shoot, featuring Leah Astore, Olivia Rodbell and Molly Bello – who styled the shoot with touches of modern mixed with her very own grandmother’s vintage clothes.

It was such a blast to shoot with these ladies and try something new! Thank you guys for asking me to be a part of it and sharing your talent with me.

Throw it Hard & Do it Well

Oh, Arizona. I’ll always think of you as a place where I found a piece of myself. A pretty little piece filled with adventure, independence, and new beginnings. Back in April I spent a week in Scottsdale and Sedona and between the AJ Workshop, the desert and the red rocks – a girl just isn’t the same after.

On Christmas Eve I decided to put myself on the waitlist for the AJ Workshop. I had been admiring (stalking) photography supercouple Amy & Jordan via social media for months, reading about the workshop groups before mine, learning tidbits from their weekly Monday Minute, and wishing for a way to learn more, do more, and take next steps with my photography.

Never underestimate the power of two days, friends. They can open up your world, make you a better person, make you better at what you do and give you the power to make changes in the rest of your life. The AJ workshop and the rest of my week in Arizona did all of those things for me and more.

Here are some of my photos from our incredible styled shoot and golden hour session in the desert! I’m so excited to finally be able to share these,  since they’ve been under wraps while Amy & Jordan waited for them to be published. Thanks to all of the incredible vendors (listed below) who helped make this gorgeousness happen!

One of the biggest take-aways for me was something that Jordan said at the very end of our two days together as a group. He told the story of David the shepherd boy, protecting his flock of sheep and slaying Goliath using only a stone. 

“In this life, you have one stone to throw,” he said. “Throw it hard and do it well.”

When I’m having one of those days full of doubt or second-guessing, wondering whether my efforts will pay off in the end, those words echo in my mind. Throw that stone as hard as you can.

Thank you eternally to Amy & Jordan Demos, and this incredible group of fellow photographers I was able to learn with and from.







Photo Booths are a Girl’s Best Friend

So here’s a bit of a different one: I recently did my first Bachelorette Party Photo Booth. And who better to test the waters with than your very best friend in the world? She gets married to her second best (can’t well demote myself can I?) friend in two weeks and I couldn’t be happier for her. 

What’s better? Taking some exceedingly silly photos with all of your girl friends to remember the days before you became a Mrs.

The amount of fun we had really speaks for itself, so without further adieu: 

If you’re interested in having a photo booth at your event, contact me! I’ve already booked my second bachelorette and I can’t wait to see what those ladies have in store for me.


Sarah, Age 15 – First Singles

“ I feel like in a match, I can just put myself out there, play the sport, and focus on what I’m doing. I’m confident when I’m playing.” 

Guys, these sessions are THE BEST. I got to meet this incredible young woman, listen to that satisfying thunk of a tennis ball well-struck, and shoot a whopping 600+ shots in under an hour. Does it get any better?

Without further adieu – meet the third in my series: Sarah. A beautiful and intelligent girl who is incredibly talented and driven, and also just has a love for the game that is so obvious. Keep scrolling and you’ll see it, too. 

Sarah is as much of a natural in front of the camera as she is on the tennis court and she says she used to be really shy, but I’m not sure I believe it. This court was her stage and she absolutely rocked our session. It’s no wonder, really. This girl joined varsity as a freshman and was playing first singles in no time.

Sarah said one of the best parts of playing tennis was that it empowers her to connect with people. From coaches, to teammates, classmates and little kids who want to learn how to play tennis, she’s had so many more opportunities to meet and become friends with people she wouldn’t have met otherwise and come out of her shell. 

When she told me about how she feels when she’s playing a match – focused, confident, and like she can put herself out there – I completely understood. At her age, I felt the same exact way whenever I was playing basketball. Whatever else happened that day, it fell away with my first layup, and if nothing else, I knew I was good at it.

When we got into the action shots & game face portraits – I really wanted to capture that focus and intensity. This girl is happy, smiling & sweet, but don’t let that side of her fool you. She’s a force to be reckoned with. Just look for yourself:

Sarah is featured on my website and Facebook page under “We’re Not Here Just to Have Fun” and you can see more of her comments there!

Next up, look for my session with a softball pitcher named Becca! Interested in being a part of the series? Contact me today.